Why is My Total Bill Different than My Estimate?

Total Bill

If you’re looking at your total bill and wondering why doesn’t it match your estimated price, think about what could have changed. Your estimation is based on the weight of your household goods and the distance to your new home. Here are some of the common things that happen to change the total bill:


Did you trow away a lot of things, or did you add items that weren’t in the original estimate? The first will make your move cost less, the second-will make it cost more. Changing your decision about heavy items like home gyms or appliances can have a big impact on the total weight and also on your total bill.


Did you add another services not included in the original estimate? Furniture assembly, appliance reconnection, cleaning or unpacking can also change the cost of your move.


Did your items stay in storage longer than you thought. If this happens, the agent may change your contract to a long-term storage contract at a different rate and the total bill will also be different.


Life changes unpredictably. If something happened mid-move that made you change your destination, don’t forget to change the distance your belongings needs to be transported to. The total bill will not match your estimate. Something that seems as small change, like for an example – to buy a different house in a different part of a metro area, may have an impact on your bill as well.


You must change the date that the movers are going to come back on the new day to load the truck. Were you unable to accept delivery when the truck arrived? Such issues may require additional fees and change your total bill.

Compare your estimate and the bill carefully, noting any differences. You should ask for clarification from the moving crew. If, after reviewing the estimate, your bill of lading, and the final total bill, you feel that the difference is big, there is a claims process that you can enter into.