What’s the Best Way to Move My Wine Collection?

We understand that a wine cellar is both a large investment and a delicate property requiring great care. If you need to move your wine collection, there are some necessary steps you should consider.


Create an inventory for your wine. If you have a small collection, you may just want to transport it yourself. If this is the case, focus on this aspects: minimizing damage, temperature variations, and vibrations.


For larger collections that will be shipped, have your wine appraised to reach a value. Depending on its value and the rarity of your wines, you may want to ship it on a vehicle with climate control, rather than on a regular moving truck with the rest of your household belongings. If you do have a wine collection shipped with the rest of your household goods, you’ll want to give serious thought to your valuation options;


When it comes to having a larger collection and it’s during the summer or winter season, which can be extreme, climate controlled shipping may be the better choice. Since Allied knows that the older and rarer your wines are, the more sensitive they’ll be to temperature changes. We advise you to move during early spring or late fall. As you may know this is when temperatures are closest to wine’s ideal temperature, and you may not need the climate controlled truck.

How to Pack Your Wine Collection

The best way to prepare your wine for moving is with plenty of cushioning. Pack bottles on their sides or upside down, to keep the corks wet. You have to make sure all opened bottles are set aside since they can cause great damage. However, it is best if you can hire professional movers to pack your collection. They have experience and training to handle such fragile items. It is best to bear in mind that some countries have restrictions governing the types and amount of alcohol that can be brought in for personal use.

How to Avoid Bottle Shock

Wine that has been treated roughly  – shaken, moved etc., can lose flavor if it’s opened too soon. Let your wine rest after moving and unpacking. A good rule of thumb is to let it sit for few days.